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Meet, Mr Rupert

Blake is a portrait & commercial photographer based in Vancouver, Canada. His distinct organic style combines elements of the natural landscapes with an intense vulnerability in the subjects.

about my journey and the origins of exploreofcourse

It all started with a Note...

In 2011 I got my first smartphone. Drawn by the allure of a personal computer I could pack into my pocket and replace the Moleskine notebook I'd been lugging around everywhere. Enter Samsung's Galaxy Note, the largest phone on the market at the time. Its size proved to be the source of an endless stream of conversation. The ultimate conversation starter. Strangers would stop me in grocery lines to offer opinions on how absurd my phone was. I found it curious how people who'd never even heard of the Note before were so quick to offer criticism. Especially when they weren't aware of how the thing was being used. By combining apps like Simplenote, Pocket, Flud and the built in semi manual camera I had found a tool that allowed me to write, read, listen to music and capture imagery in a way that was more organic than I had imagined possible. Suddenly I could document my experiences with a fidelity that made the effort worth while. And with a camera that I was committed to carrying everywhere

On the recommendation of a friend I created an Instagram account and began to share my work, both images and words, with the world. The rest is history. By 2012 pages like Sanborn Canoes, Explore BC, and Naked in Nature were sharing my images. 2013 saw my first publication in magazines (IIWII, The Liar) which gave me the courage to do more than post on social media. Then after upgrading to the Sony A7 series of full-frame cameras I began to take on freelance work. Some of my favorite projects have been portraits and editorials sessions for private clientele as well as organizations like Valhalla Pure Outfitters, Meals on Wheels, and Arc'teryx.

Along the journey I learned the value of living my truth regardless of outside pressures. I realized that if I continued to combine my passion with productivity that I could establish a way of living that was sustainable, fulfilling for myself and helpful to others. And that's what I try to do! Walk gently on this earth and leave each interaction a little better for my having been there.


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or connect with him on instagram @exploreofcourse where he posts regular updates on his adventures